VM’s Numbers Station

Hello world, I’m VM! Thanks for landing on my website. This is where I want to show off some of my experiments and journeys learning about different math & engineering topics. I’m still building this website as I go, but feel free to look around and see what I have so far.


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Site Changelog

Date Major Site Change
2023-12-10 Add commenting system with giscus
2023-11-29 Add “Links” section
2023-11-22 Add “Uses” / “Tools” section, adjust colors for accessibility
2023-11-03 Complete Quarto Migration, grammar fixes
2023-10-28 Switch color palette, fix bookshelf, rename website
2023-09-24 Added Markdown Style Guide Tests & Set up Quarto
2023-09-19 Added to NeoSSG Webring
2023-09-15 Add “Bookshelf” section, formatting fixes & improvements
2023-09-08 First content post
2023-09-02 Migrate to Hugo, Update “About” Section
2023-08-19 Site Launch